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Feeling Ostomistic
Saturday, March 30 2013

Wait! Did I read that correctly? Ostomistic not optimistic? Yes your eyes aren't playing tricks you did read correctly - AND no, I am not an idiot and cannot spell - You read correctly.

OST-OM-ISTIC: Optimism through Ostomy

For those who are wondering what a stoma or ostomy is I hope to teach you and help you learn more about it.

I am so happy that you asked! My name is Talya and I am a bright, bubbly and creative 22 year old. But I am not like your ordinary or usual 22 year old.. But I am me and that is all that matters!

I have a journey that I would like to share with you, to hopefully help you, to inspire you, to empower you, and to raise awareness for different struggles faced with this horrid disease, which I am sure affect you too!

I will be having surgery in a week to have my full large bowel/colon and rectum removed with a permanent illeostomy. And hope I can help you through sharing my journey!

WHY because I have a inherited bowel condition called F.A.P as it is known in short (Familial Adenamatous Polyposis), a condition that if left untreated develops into colorectal cancers. (I will explain more about FAP in my next post). So because of this condition I need to have this surgery done as the polyps have started to turn cancerous.

A lot of people keep asking me why such a drastic surgery or tell me to get a second opinion- even family (who refuse to understand the condition) but I know this is best for me, for my quality of life and for my health.

I wanted to start this blog as I have been trying to search and find information (especially from a young person) about what to expect, but I keep finding cases from older people. That doesn't help me in feeling like I can relate or in helping me to feel less alone. It actually has done the opposite! I feel so isolated and alone from everything and everyday is a daily struggle, I won't lie about that.

So I want to share my experiences, tips I come across, reviews of different products but most importantly I want YOU to know YOU are SUPPORTED and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

One of the reasons I am feeling OSTOMISTIC is that I can actually do a lot more stuff. At the moment I cannot really leave my home or if I do every visit is planned around what access and QUICK ACCESS I can find to toilets or bathrooms. Even staying or visiting family I refuse to stay somewhere where there is only one toilet (as most times it is an hour or less) or somewhere the toilet is small and pokey.

I am even unable to do exercise as I have severe stage 4 endometriosis/ recto endometriosis and combined with the bowel condition (and worse then IBS) I am  in so much pain even for 10 minutes of exercise and I can't be away from home because I need to be able to have quick access to the toilet.. It is horrible especially when and after I eat. I have reduced my daily meals to 1 meal a day (wrong I know) but I just couldn't handle the horrid experience when I ate. Even only having had 1 meal to eat I still go to the toilet around 25-30 times a day. So I am ostomistic for what I can do afterwards.

I don't even have a social life or leave the house in fear of having accidents - and trust me it is mortifying - you might have experienced it or a close call?

So I welcome you to joining in this Ostomistic journey with me.

If you wish to be kept up to date, please sign up on this blog.

Lots of love,
Talya xx

*disclaimer any information represented on this blog is from my own personal experience. I am not a doctor*

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~  Living with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis - Effects of FAP  ~

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