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Feeling Ostomistic
Friday, May 24 2013

Hi! What a crazy and emotion filled journey the last two weeks have been. I think it is safe to say that if there was an emotion to be experienced, it was most definitely experienced.

So on the 8th of May I underwent the life saving and life changing surgery to remove my entire colon and most of my rectum. For those who are wondering the colon is your large bowel or your large intestine. And now I have a permanent ileostomy.

I got to the hospital at 6.45am ready for a 7am admission which the surgery wasn't long after that. All I was told was that the surgery went longer then expected and there was 'a massive bleeder'. But all in all the surgery was a success!

I remember being taken from recovery to ICU where I woke briefly and said 'Hi' to my anxiously waiting family my husband, my aunt and my grandparents. I remember feeling on 'cloud 9' and was rather sleepy and doped up but I wanted to take a selfie to upload to my personal fb profile. That is all I remember so I assume I went to sleep.. that is until I woke and started a series of 'bad turns'.

I haven't shared this with many people but I am lucky to be alive, I almost didn't make it through the first night twice! 

I remember experiencing an 'out of body' experience. I was asleep and I know my eyes were closed but I could see and hear everything going on! There were doctors and nurses running around everywhere working on me!

My blood pressure was up at around 190 (eventually took almost a week to become normal), my liver had shut down and my heomoglobin had dropped along with my oxygen saturation levels to a dangerous low. I had two blood transfusions, had an arterial and central line inserted. It was an eventful night for sure!

But I made it through the wildreness - sorry couldn't help but start singing that song in the 'Shrek/Fiona' version and then donkey comes in with his 'I like big butts and I cannot lie'. I feel like watching Shrek now.

Back to my story so I spent the next week in ICU and was getting up gradually walking with my million lines coming out of me. I felt like a real frankenstein. I had the PCA (patient controlled analgesic) machine, the IV fluids, catheter, 2 pain busters coming out of my abdomen, a drain coming out of my lower abdomen/pelvic cavity, a canular in my hand, a central line just under my neck, an arterial line in my arm and of course the ileostomy bag hanging out of my stomach.

Even with being able to press the morphine button every 5 minutes didnt feel like it was enough. I KNEW it would hurt but I never realised it would be that much and I have a high pain threshold! I was really lucky to have a great stoma nurse come daily to check in on me and help with the bag. 

On tuesday, day 6 I was transferred from ICU to a surgical ward where the following day I was transferred to the private hospital where I have since been for the past 10 days.

I was being rather strong about it all but found on the wednesday (day 7 post op) I was rather upset and distressed as I was sore and required assistance I was made felt like a nuisance. The bag had also leaked through the night into my wound and wasn't given any help in cleaning the wound or the bag until my stoma nurse came and saw how upset I was about the lack of support and helped arrange a transfer to the private hospital.

I was supposed to be discharged a week ago but my wound became badly infected and I have had several breakdowns since over the bags and adjusting and trying to work it all out.

I was getting rather overwhelmed with everything especially emotions about my dad that kept surfacing. I have since seen some psychiatrists and social workers to help me get through so I am feeling much better and now hoping to be discharged next week.

I just want to say a massive thanks to all my family and friends for the amazing support. You know who you all are! In particularly I want to thank my amazing husband!

With thanks and love!
Talya x


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