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Feeling Ostomistic
Monday, April 08 2013

Today should be day 1 of post op but there was a change at the last minute as the hospital realised they weren't equipped for the adequate after surgical and ICU care I required. Was such an emotional time and it all became real as they were wheeling me off to theatre.

Lots of tears were cried by not only me but my family and my husband and it broke my heart. I was upset because I was so scared and relieved at the same time that finally things will be better. I was more scared about afterwards I didn't know what to expect.

So off to theatre I went and they were about to put me under when the aneathesist said she couldnt do it knowing the lack of appropriate ICU care. 

So I am still having the surgery (wishing still that I weren't) but just on the waiting list for the public hospital now so should have a date in approx 4-6 weeks.

It will all be over soon!!

However I will be sharing some amazing items that I have purchased for my surgery and recovery period with you over the coming weeks. As a massive supporter of handmade I am so excited for the amazing items coming my way. Which can all be customised to suit you too!!

Until next time 
Talya xo


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