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Feeling Ostomistic
Wednesday, April 03 2013

When you hear the word support, what instantly springs to mind? Most people will relate support to that of family or friends. But it doesn't just have to be your family and friends and I am not talking about telling the whole world about what is going on the feel supported. But it is important you understand and know what support is available to you.

For me personally, I am learning more and more about what support I have and realising I am in fact not alone. I am very stoic and was raised to never ask for help and to never rely on others. To me this how I always understood what support was and from an understanding that it mostly involved money.

In fact support is anything object or assistance that can help better your current situation. Could be through family and friends, online friendships, support from communities or networks you are involved in, access or help from counsellors or psycologists, support from different health professionals and so on.

For me I am quite blessed to have an amazing support network around me. I have my family who are coming to visit and support me and my husband the day of the surgery and visit during and after my hospital stay. I have some beautiful friends who are planning on visiting me at hospital to keep me company while Russ is busy working. Diferent health professionals are also very supportive to seek advice from this could be the stoma nurse, your GP, your surgeon, dieticians, counsellors and the list goes on.

Being apart of the Australian handmade community is amazing- most of my closest friendships have been formed from networking, collaborations and from supporting each other. I find handmaidens are truly lovely and the best friends to have. I am so greatful for their support and friendships. Where would I be without you guys?!!

It is normal to feel anxious or scared but it is important to know what support you have should you need to.

But remember, You will always have support here! x

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