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Feeling Ostomistic
Saturday, May 24 2014

Is the surgical removal of the rectum and all or part of the colon,
and is common surgery for Familial Adenomatous Polyposis and Ulcerative colitis.

Recently I celebrated a massive 12 months since I had my proctolectomy with the creation of a permanent ileostomy.

Now I would be lying if I said the last 12 months has been easy (read about my 'stomaversary' here),
but over the last couple of months I have been noticing some 'weirdness' with my rectum (what is left) and
began seeing my GP and specialist.

My concerns and worries started when I was having pain and discomfort when walking, as sometimes it
felt as though there was something in there, and other times like I really needed to do a poo. 

But then I started noticing blood which was getting more and more frequent I realised I should see my doctor.

I admit, I should have seen them to begin with but I was so embarrased!

My GP thought it could have been a number of things including polyps, so I made an appointment to see my
 colorectal surgeon, who booked a scope for the following week. 

*Now you might be wondering or thinking I am lying or that it was pointless to have a scope when I have had a proctolectomy done, but not ALL of my rectum was removed and I still have half of it left. This was left, rather then being removed and stiched up was so that the surgeons had access to the area to biopsy the tissue and check that no polyps or cancer is growing. Just because I have FAP doesn't mean it is only affecting my bowel/colon (which was removed). I have polyps in my rectum, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, GI tract and possibly is the reason and extent of the severity of my endometriosis. Just wanted to clear that up before you judged*

In this appointment was the first time I had ever had a rectal exam, talk about bloody awkward!
He asked me to lay on my side and he was "going to have a look".... to my total surprise and shock it wasn't just a look!
To any men reading this after having had a prostate exam before, I do sympathise with you!

So over the week leading up to my scope I was told that it could be polyps bleeding, an infection or worst case an abcess.

Friday soon came around and I headed over to the hospital for my admission, and went and had the proceedure.

Was a really different experience to the 'normal' colonoscopy I had. 

I have had quite a few scopes before, and afterwards I had never had any pain. 
But I had quite a lot of pain immediately afterwards (and for almost the last week following).
I was finding I couldn't sit for too long as the pressure and pain would start,
but I keep getting this feeling like there is something in there like I just need to poo all the time!

It is rather frustrating needing to do a poo but physically not being able to.

I am thinking maybe the muscles and rectum is irritated and that could be causing the discomfort,
But waiting to see my GP to follow up.

Please note: That this was based on my own experience, and if you are needing to have a scope after your proctolectomy you may have an entirely different experience and may not experience any pain or discomfort. Please remember any views or experiences shared on my blog are based on my own.

Ostomistically Yours,
Talya xx

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