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Feeling Ostomistic
Thursday, May 29 2014

Menopause... The one thing women dread about getting older and going through 'the change of life'.

You always hear women express their feelings towards menopause and as a young women you think
"surely it isn't really that bad".

Boy was I wrong!

When I was 21 I was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis and had surgery to remove what was found.
On my right ovary I had a 15cm round mass (an endometrioma) which was removed along with the lining of my ovary.
I also had a 7cm mass removed from my uterus along with another 5cm mass.
Through the use of lasers over 200 1- 2cm sites were excised.

I remember waking from surgery and my surgeon came to speak to me when I woke up.

He told me that in his career, my case was one of the more worse conditions he had seen, and as a result of the damage
that I would need to be placed in a medically induced menopause for 6 months to try and let my body repair.

I was prescribed 6 courses of Zoladex injections and given my first the following morning.

I had no idea what to expect!

All I kept thinking to myself was
"doubt menopause would be that bad".

Afterall I was excited to not have my period for 6 months!

Ever since my first period (was in year 5) I have had extremely bad period pain along with heavy periods.
When I was in year 7 the pain started getting that bad that I used to vommit and would curl up in a ball and just cry.
Later it became a 'norm' to get diorreah and bleeding during my period.

No one believed how bad my periods were. I kept being told to "just suck it up"
and that it was only "just period pain".

It wasn't until I was staying with a relative in grade 9 when I was up all night with vommiting and diorreah
and bad period pain, that she came and chatted to me about it.
She told me how much she suffered (even to this day) with periods.
She sympathised with me, she cried with me, but she also gave me something to help control the pain.

Due to events that happened I ended up moving in with her a couple of months afterwards, and one of the first things
we did was to go to the doctor. She was determined to get me the help that I needed with my periods
as they were just getting worse. We tried all sorts things from different types of the pill,
to specific period pain medication available over the counter.
Nothing helped!

BUT one thing doctors kept saying when we discussed endometriosis was that
"Young people don't get endometriosis".

My periods became that debilitating that I had to have time off work and school, and often I would be at work
(I was a checkout operator) and suddenly would get pain, nausea and passout.

They were never regular enough that I could 'predict' and
so many people (except for my Aunt) thought I was faking it.

When I got older, I found my periods and symptoms each month were getting worse and
I was lucky in 2011 to have found a GP that wanted to look into what was going on
and wouldn't just pass it off as 'being overweight' like many before.

He got me reffered to a specialist who listened and understood and empathised.

He told me that in 2 weeks he would book me in for a cystoscopy, hysteroscopy and laperoscopy.
He was determined to find out what was wrong.

I was so relieved when he told me I had endometriosis,
it meant years of sufferring finally had a name.

So I started my 6 months of injections of Zolodex and was happy I had no period.

But I must say I sympathise with all those who complain about menopause and how horrible it truly is!

The hot flushes were the worse!
I always felt hot and gross and would be standing in line at the supermarket and next minute I am dripping in sweat
and feeling like I am ready to just about to pass out.
It was so humiliating!

The vaginal dryness was pretty uncomfortable and at times felt like sandpaper. Was horrible!
Made sex more uncomfortable then it already was (down side to endo is painful sex).

I found there were some days where all I could do was lay in bed due to the horrid nausea.
If I ate food I would have to try so hard not to fall asleep afterwards.

The other downsides to the menopause was the weight gain, excess hair growth (now have a beard),
the headaches, moodswings, hormonal and bloating.

Gosh, I would just break down and cry at the slightest thing whether it was reading a newspaper, watching tv,
talking to someone... just anything slightly sad I was just a blubbering mess!

Although they say that it was a reversible menopause, it has been 12 months since my last injection
and I still suffer from some of the symptoms. My periods returned around 3 months after the last injection 
and have never been the same. I have spoken to my doctors and they said sometimes it effects the hormones that much
that it can sometimes still be like part of your body is still in menopause.

I still have the excessive facial hair issues, hot flushes, hormone fluctuation and nausea.

Part of me is dreading having to go through all this again,
......but for real this time!

When people learn that I went through menopause at 21 they don't believe me or that
doctors can medically induce a menopause.

Please remember zolodex and menopause affects individuals differently. Due to the pain and recovery from the surgeries
along with the medically induced menopause I had to cease working and employment. The week after I stopped working
I learnt that I was needing to have my bowel removed within the following 6 months. It was a very trying and emotional time.

Menopausally yours,
Talya xx

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