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Feeling Ostomistic
Wednesday, October 22 2014

Last night something unexpected happened.... Don't worry it wasn't anything bad, it was actually a changing moment for me...

And it all started with two small words that have so much meaning.

Those words were "Thank you!"

I have always felt that it was my mission or 'purpose' in my life to help someone else and make a difference to someone's life.

I would spend a lot of my free time (when I wasn't at school or work) during my High Schooling years volunteering and doing charitable work which then continued on through my time at Uni when I was studying to become Nurse. I felt that maybe this was how I was going to help make a difference.

When I started Feeling Ostomistic last year it wasn't for the attention, sympathy or pity through sharing my journey and the struggles faced, but was for a way that I can help support, encourage and empower someone who needed it most.

I knew how hard it was for me (who was 22 when I had my surgery to remove my entire large bowel) to find information and support that was aimed at a younger person as everything I found was more suited to the older population or geriatric care respectively.

So I realised that if I was struggling that there was bound to be others out there struggling as well.

I knew I wanted to help create social change and awareness that bowel cancer and issues affect younger people not just older people, but more wanting to advocate and make people aware of the importance of bowel cancer screening at any age (if you are showing signs that there is something different about your bowel habits).

But importantly, I wanted to help encourange people to not be embarrased about talking with their doctors about their bowel issues- which in our society is a big issue as people are just too afraid to find out or too embarrased to talk about it.

So last night I had a friend message me telling me how grateful she was of my blog and for making her feel encouraged and supported to go to her doctor to discuss problems she has been having and putting off.

She also wanted to make sure that I knew that it is important that I continue to share my voice and awareness- that my voice is being heard and change is starting to happen.

I didn't set out to do this blog for the grattification or praise, but it really was a moment of realisation for me that I am helping people and that my message is being heard and in return helping to save a life one blog post at a time!

If you have felt supported or encouraged from reading and following Feeling Ostomistic please let me know by commenting below (you can change your name to protect your privacy if you wish).

Ostomistically Yours,


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