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Feeling Ostomistic
Friday, November 21 2014

You never realise how much toilet paper you go through until after your total colectomy when you realise you aren't having to spend as much money on toilet paper and its less frequent you need to buy it.

I remember my husband always asking me "Does your bum seem to eat all the toilet paper? We're bloody out of it again".

But who hasn't found themselves stuck on the toilet in the middle of the night and you realise you just used the last roll of toilet paper and that the shops don't open for another few hours so have to resort to using tissues or baby wipes instead.

BUTT... hehe I just said 'butt'... I just realised I haven't had to buy toilet paper for the last 5 months... would you believe me?

Well you better, and I will tell you how.

Ohhhhh, I just realised you are probably thinking 'what the' and think I haven't had toilet paper for 5 months.

Well I'm not that strange, I just found a more practical solution!

Image sourced from their facebook page

Introducing 'Who Gives A Crap' toilet paper!

You purchase your toilet rolls that come in a box and each is individually wrapped in this really pretty eco friendly wrap.

I purchase the 48 rolls for $52 deal, and each roll is double the ply and length of the store bought rolls.

But there is something special you need to know about who gives a crap... The actually give a crap when it comes to the environment and improving sanitation in poverty stricken parts of the world.

Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of their profits to WaterAid who build toilets and improve sanitation in third world countries. So basically EVERY ROLL of toilet paper is pretty much providing someone with access to a toilet for an entire week!!

2.5 BILLION people so 40% of the entire population of the world don't have access to the toilet! makes you realise the little things we are grateful for!

So Who Gives A Crap is Literally flushing out the poverty!

AND don't get me started on the toilet paper!

It is so damn soft and pretty durable AND is 100% biodegradable!

So our household is just my husband and I and we not spend around $12 a month on toilet paper if you break down the costs (including shipping as we aren't in a metro area) over 5 months! Better for our bottoms AND OUR BUDGET!

So we give a crap, don't you?

They have special Christmas editions at the moment that look like those ugly sweaters people wear at Christmas time!

Image sourced from their facebook page

So lets help the environment and improve santiation one toilet at a time!

Ostomistically Yours,

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