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Feeling Ostomistic
Thursday, August 04 2016

Back in November 2011, I had not long purchased the latest iPhone 4S and the exciting thing was that there was now this app on your phone that you could enter in your starting destination and your concluding destination and it would find the route for you and verbally navigate you to where you needed to go.

It meant I no longer needed my in car navman, and there was now more room in the cigarette lighter part thingy (insert proper name here) and I could charge my phone while travelling.

So we were headed off to Bathurst (NSW west of Sydney) for one of my best friend's wedding, and we had never been there before so we needed a little bit of help from the nav on my phone.

I entered in our starting point and the hotel details (we were staying at the hotel RIGHT ON THE BATHURST 1000 TRACK.. you know Mount Panorama.. gees listen to my inner bogan coming out) and it brought up the route we were to take.

As we had never travelled there before I didn't question the route offered and just started driving, stopping at Karuah to refill the tank.

We got just past the Newcastle turnoff, and were at this huge roundabout that says "Sydney/Freeway Left Lane" and "Maitland New England Highway Right lane".

My nav told me to take the Maitland New England route... again not questioning it as who was I to tell it how to do it's job.

So we got to Singleton, then we got to Muswellbrook and then we got to a T intersection. The highway continued to the right and to the left was a dirt gravel road.

We were instructed to take this road (the left).

After following it for what felt like hours, we came across a road that had cattle grids all over the road and there was cattle just roaming about. I can't recall where we were but were in the middle of no where.

We kept following all these dirt roads and the occasional tar road when we eventually got to the back of the Blue Mountains... by this point we had been driving for around 8 hours already and I was getting annoyed. There was no service and hadn't had service for hours so I couldn't call my dad and ask for his directions (he was a truck driver and knew his way around).

We eventually found a rest stop (that you had to hike up a mountain to get to) and so we hiked just to try and get service.

I had all these missed calls from my dad wondering how I was and where we were and how far away from Bathurst we were as we should almost be there.

We told him where we were and he laughed and said "how the f$%& did you manage that?" When we told him it was the navman on our phones he said "well I told you technology is f'ing hopeless... you should have used a map and gone via sydney".

So we continued on our travels with the phone directing us, as we had no idea where we were, and we were almost at Dubbo (Wellington) when it took us down through Orange, out through some bush and eventually to Bathurst.

We arrived at the hotel at almost 8PM and 14 hours of driving around the country side.

We were annoyed, we were tired and we had the shits.

On the way home we weren't trusting the navman again and just followed the signs to Sydney then I knew where to go from there.

But what an experience that was! And everytime someone mentions Bathurst or driving out West we say to each other "remember that time our nav f'ed up and sent us through the countryside" and we just laugh.

But we did see some beautiful sites, and haven't ventured back to Bathurst since.

But I am sure I am not the only one who has found themselves on an adventure because of their Nav? Share your story below

P.S if you were wondering, YES I did do laps on the Mount Panorama track.. surprisingly it had only a 60km/h speed limit and even had speed cameras!

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