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Feeling Ostomistic
Wednesday, November 30 2016

When I think back to my teenage years, one thing that was a big part of my life was reading the Dolly magazine.

Not only did it come with the occasional FREEBIE, but the information you learned was second to none... and you can't forget the excitement of tearing open the sealed section as if you were some rebellious girl eager to know what was such a secret, then when you realised you turned red in the face or giggle out of embarrassment.

I started getting Dolly pretty early on, I was 9 when I got my first period and I guess it was more awkward for my parents to have to talk to me about that sort of stuff, so I was given a magazine each month.

There was some pretty helpful articles, awesome competitions, projects to get my craft freak on, as well as Dolly Doctor.

I don't know who Dolly Doctor was, but I always imagined she was the older sister I never had who was cool, collected and held your embarrasing questions under her lock and key. I was thankful to those who wrote in with their issues as I learned a lot, and a couple of times had my questions answered under a guise of course.

I liked reading the embarrassing moments, as it made me feel less awkward and less alone. I remember this one girl wrote in about her horrifying experience of when she wore white pants for the first time and was on a date at the movies when she got her period and her white pants were destroyed.

It taught me that I should keep a record of when my period was due so that I could factor in things like swimming attire, wearing shorts or skirts, or wearing white clothing.

Unfortunately my school dress was white and it was humiliating when I had an accident.

The freebies were sometimes pads and was nice having some you could try out and see what suited me as opposed to wasting money by buying different brands and types.

I remember all the helpful advice received over the years like relationship advice, how to help mend a broken friendship, how to help your acne covered skin, how to make the latest fashion trends, different ways to wear your hair and how to know when to ask for help (mental health or eating disorders etc).

I feel a little saddened for the future teens who won't be able to experience the thrill of flipping through the magazine and tearing open that sealed section. I know there will be a digital version, but the experience won't be the same. Nothing compares to the sounds of flipping a page or the smell of a brand new magazine.

I remember when I was in year 9 my parents wouldn't buy me an issue because we couldn't afford it, so I went to so much effort making my own magazine called 'Rocks Teens' filled with celebrity goss and stories I had written. I even made up my own version of Dolly Doctor 'Dr Rocks' where I made a copy to share with my friends. It was a lot of work but I really wanted to be a writer and loved graphic design even back then.

Dolly, you will always remain a cherised memory of many teenage girls, especially those socially awkward introverts (like me). Thank you for your service for almost 5 decades!!

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